Garden Maintenance

Whether you want fortnightly or monthly visits, we are here to support you!

everyone’s needs in their garden will differ from customer to customer. Our garden maintenance services are:

  • Lawn cutting.
  • Hedge Trimming and ivy pruning (up to 5m).
  • Manual weed removal and chemical weed control (upon request).
  • Planting, replanting and flower bed care.
  • Outdoor painting.
  • Pruning of small trees, bushes and shrubs (up to 5m).

Our Garden Maintenance packages prices…

  • Bronze Contract - Quick Maintenance.

    With our ”Bronze – quick maintenance” Contract, we will keep your garden looking tidy with fortnightly visits. With a maximum duration of 2 hours, this package is typically used by customers with smaller gardens which require very little maintenance but still need extra help with the work they may not have time to do themselves.

    What does this include?

    • Lawn Cut
    • Light Hedge Cut
    • Quick Weeding
    • One Ton Bag Of Green Waste

    Price: £50  – Duration: 2 Hours

  • Silver Contract

    The Wellies and Waders ”Silver Contract” is our most common package with our domestic customers. Covering medium sized gardens. It is perfect for keeping your garden at its finest potential, all year round.

    What does this include? 

    • Lawn Cut
    • Strimming
    • Hedge Cut
    • Planting
    • Lawn Fertilizer
    • Weeding
    • Shrub/Tree Pruning
    • Up to half a van of waste per month (approximately 12-ton bags)

    Cost: £80 Per fortnightly visit – Duration: 2-4 hours

  • Gold Contract

    Our “Gold Contracts” are used by customers with large gardens or those that like to keep their garden in pristine condition.

    What Does This Include?

    • Lawn Cut
    • Weeding
    • Strimming
    • Hedge Cutting
    • Planting
    • Lawn Fertilizer
    • Shrub/Tree planting.
    • Up to a full van of waste every month.
    • (Package exclusive bonus) 10% off plants from retail.

    Cost: £100 Per fortnightly visit – Duration: 2-4 Hours

Still can’t find a Maintenane package right for you? 

For just £20 an hour we can still maintain your garden the way you want us to. We are happy to take on any garden and we only work to your personalised taste.

(Garden waste will have to be paid seperately, the prices for garden waste removal will vary on the amount of waste collected)

If you are interested in finding out more about our services then please use our contact form.