Pond Cleaning Service

If your pond has seen better days and is overgrown, constantly having problems with water quality. It may be time to book a pond cleaning service, a fresh start for your pond.

The following steps is typically what to expect from us when we’re dealing with your pond:

  • All fish and wildlife are removed and stored in housing tanks.
  • The pond is then emptied out and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Any pumps, filters and decorative features in the pond are then cleaned.
  • Aquatic plants are tidied and returned to the pond (or we can add new plants if required).
  • The pond is then refilled using a specialist water filter as tap water is harmful to fish.
  • We are also able to offer eco treatments. These help create and also maintain a healthy eco system for your pond and fish.

Take a look at what our customers are saying

“Well done André, all your hard work has paid off transforming our ponds from an over grown and neglected embarrassment to a wonderful water feature and the jewel in our garden! We would highly recommend you above anyone else in the Bay who we have used in the past and had very disappointing results with no interest in after sales care, you have been completely the opposite going that extra mile and offering a great ongoing maintenance service!” – Mrs J Head, Torquay

Our Pond Cleaning Service starts from £350

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