Pond Renovation

If your pond is in need to be brought back to its original working condition, a pond renovation is what is needed.

As each and every pond is different the work needed to renovate will differ but typically the tasks can include the following:

  • Re-lining Of Pond Liner (Full Lifetime Gaurentee Included)
  • Replacing Surrounding Edges Of Ponds.
  • New Aquatic Planting Schemes.
  • Upgrading And Renewing Of Pond Equipment Including pumps, filters, UVC units, fountains, lights and aeration units.
  • Full pond cleaning.
  • Repairing Leaks In Pond Liners / Repair Concrete ponds.
  • Eco treatments are added, these help create and maintain a healthy eco system.

What Our Customers Say

“Andre is a master of his art. We inherited a traditional circular pond, showing lots of black liner ( which leaked) , surrounded by a concrete circle. Andre discussed with us an alternative to just replacing the liner, which would be a more natural environment and attract more wildlife. We discussed the general idea of stream, pond, rocks and beach area. What he has delivered is over and above anything we imagined. It is stunning and we love it. He has such an eye for detail in placing rocks and plants, studying from every angle to ensure a perfect picture from anywhere in the garden . I cannot wait to enjoy all the seasons with my grandchildren , creating many memories and encouraging their joy of wildlife.” – Mrs Solway – Exeter

Pond Renovation Prices Start From Approximately £3,500

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