Pond Construction

A new pond can bring many benefits, starting with the obvious, they look great. It really does become a focal point of your garden. They are great for wildlife and considering the environmental concerns which are now a regular news item. If you have a large empty space a pond can be a great way to make use of the empty space in a natural way that helps the environment. When a pond is combined with a water feature it can be incredibly relaxing. Water is a natural stress relief.

There are a number of ways of creating a pond. Most involve excavating a hole of the required shape, you then need to choose what type of material you want to line the pond. These include flexible waterproof liners, semi-solid preformed ponds and also concrete. All Pond construction varies and we will work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction.  Pond construction involves a lot of categories, see below for examples:

  • New pond
  • Pond enlargement.
  • Adding new features.
  • Aquatic plants are tidied and returned to the pond (or new plants are added).

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